First Generation Scholarship Program

“In many families where college is expected, you probably grow up hearing about dorms and professors, so you might already know what to expect when college comes. In our family, college was this unknown and intimidating place.”   -Jesse Jones CSCC Alumnus

First generation students are faced with the daunting task of stepping into uncharted territory, lacking the family support systems of many of their peers. While they face unique challenges, first-generation students are also uniquely positioned to have a truly life-changing impact on their families and their communities. They are trailblazers and they deserve our support.

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Central Ohio needs more college graduates to fill today's jobs, and Columbus State is making it happen. Over the past five years, the number of associate degree graduates at Columbus State has risen 55 percent.

These graduates move directly into jobs in small businesses and large corporations, hospitals and fire departments, design firms and manufacturers, IT shops, and engineering providers. Thousands of students are also completing the first two years of their bachelor's degree before transferring to The Ohio State University, Franklin University, Ohio University, Otterbein University, and other colleges. They're leaving Columbus State with two years (or more) of college credit, the skills to excel in the classroom, and little or no debt.

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Why Columbus State? 

In today’s economic climate, Columbus State has never been more important to our region than it is today, and our students face more uncertainty than ever before.   Your support  helps us strengthen our efforts to increase annual scholarship offerings and make key investments in important programs to help students achieve their goals.